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Race Transmission Services

Bearing Carrier Rebuild
The bearing carrier is the part of a transmission that is ‘felt’ by the driver every time he shifts gears. Find out why our customers always say that their box shifts better than ever before……. A WRD bearing carrier rebuild includes the following, first the bearing carrier is disassembled and all parts thoroughly cleaned, using ultrasonic where necessary. All components are then checked and an estimate is provided. Following approval modifications are made to the selector finger and shift rods and all components are prepared for final assembly. Forks are set using our factory jigs and the carrier is bench tested for shifting smoothness before shipping back to you. For the price this is an unbeatable way of feeling the true quality of a WRD service.
Full WRD rebuild
Although the bearing carrier is the part you feel the quality goes into every part of a WRD rebuild…….

The full rebuild includes a complete disassembly of the box followed by a thorough cleaning of all components using ultrasonic where necessary. All components are checked for wear and cracks using magnified visual inspection, dye penetrant and magnaflux. A written estimate is provided to the customer for approval before carrying out any work. Following approval all components are prepared for final assembly, shifting modifications are carried out to the bearing carrier components and seal modifications are carried out to reduce friction. Our in house developed techniques are utilized to set up the pinion, ensuring the correct result the first time, this helps us to keep costs down and also increases life of this important component. Differential preload is calculated and set and the backlash is set, again, using our in house developed method to ensure accuracy. The forks are shimmed to the correct position and the ring and pinion pattern is tested and recorded to ensure accuracy.

WRD prepared boxes have run in excess of 16,000 miles with no appreciable wear on any component!
Miscellaneous services
WRD can also recase your transmission, fit a ring and pinion and perform any combination of the above for your transaxle, feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs, all prices for miscellaneous services are a la carte, a ring and pinion fitting will only cost that portion of the full rebuild cost for example, we aim to be fair, and to provide the best services at the right price for your gearbox.